We understand the challenges women in enterprise face and know what super-powers you can employ to grow your business successfully.

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About The Programme

This exclusive, 6-month programme brings together the most impactful business support and leadership training under one roof. We have designed our programme based on insight gained by working with and listening to more than 100 female founders, as well as our experience supporting over 300 entrepreneurs in the last 3 years.

You will gain:

  • Professional, practical advice to expand your business knowledge
  • Support for a specific new project or product you want to launch
  • Access to new, professional networks via dedicated networking events

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with Blooming Founders to run our programme at Blooms, London's first women-focused business club. Our Female Founders will have access to their events and enjoy discounted membership to the co-working space.


“There are so many incredible ideas out there and that’s lucky because we face a number of challenges right now – so why would we ignore half our brainpower? We need to support female founders urgently and Hatch’s Female Founders Accelerator is one great way we can super-charge this support!”

Martha Lane Fox CBE
Cross bench peer – House of Lords, Co-founder –

With us you will have access to:

  • FFA Sessions & Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Support & Networks
  • Meet-ups
  • Funding & Investment


Increased confidence and aspirations

Gain greater awareness of the strengths and potential of both your company and yourself. Become more confident in your ability to sustainably develop your business.

Improved skills & knowledge

Gain knowledge in a range of areas including: finance, the legal/ tax regulatory environment, customer acquisition, HR, leadership and project management.

Increased profile

Awards and endorsements give recognition and raise the extent to which your business attracts public awareness. Our events can help connect you with new audiences to get your brand out there.

Improved business model

Develop a comprehensive business plan for the successful operation of your business, identifying potential sources of revenue and expanding your customer base

Better equipped to run enterprise

Gain access to infrastructure and resources, which will enable you to work effectively. This may include office space, online resources, IT, or specific equipment. Discover the importance of personal values and wellbeing in running and growing a sustainable business.

Increased access to finance

Through consulting you will be able to new build investment propositions, enabling you to access financial avenues that might be otherwise unavailable.

How to apply

In order to apply to be part of our programme we are looking for London-based women entrepreneurs with the following criteria:

  • Business running for at least 1 year
  • At least £25,000 annual profit
  • Employ at least one member of staff

If you suit the criteria, please apply by completing the application form below:

Application deadline: 14th February 2018
Start date: 23rd February 2018

Venue:  Blooms London

The programmes value is over £5000 and we ask participants to pay a contribution of £1800. Bursaries places are available or you can pay in two instalments of £900. Please see below for the bursary form.

Don't fit this criteria? Don't worry!

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Expert speakers

Founder - The Slow Coaches

Anne Burniston

After a 20-year career in corporate business Anne Burniston moved to the Mountains of the French Pyrenees to co-create a space to provide refuge for people preparing to take their next steps.  Working with entrepreneurs to access their true path and purpose, discover meaning, adjust outlook, find belonging, build confidence and step into leadership.  Her method is based on redefining relationships with time by tuning into your needs through focusing internally and listening to your body, your gut and your heart.  Then setting your own tempo for life, choosing what to do and when.  Using these techniques to guide your actions.

Anne has been coaching and mentoring Entrepreneurs, Corporate Employees and Individuals for over 20 years.  She is a former Corporate Board Level Director with a Masters in Psychology, a certified Goal Mapping Practitioner and has a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching.  She is the Founder of The Slow Coaches Ltd and runs monthly coaching programmes and individual coaching retreats.

Founder - The Happy World Company

Nerea Carrion

Optimism Personified! Her many clients and acquaintances say that she has HUGE AND CONTAGIOUS POSITIVE ENERGY! She has dedicated her life to exceeding her own expectations and has learnt how to eliminate any fears or self-imposed limitations. From being shy, negative and insecure to feeling friendly, free and safe at all times in all situations; feeling confident in herself and her ability to truly appreciate life and all its beautiful surprises – ‘good’ and ‘bad’! Despite having a Masters in Economics, and having worked in the financial world in London for two years with Tullett Prebon, one of the brokers pioneers companies, she knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur and wanted to inspire others. So she started to deliver life & business coaching sessions to its bank customers (traders) so she could definitely quit her “awesome job” to pursue her dreams in full-time basis. One of her beliefs is: If everyone pursue their deepest passions, love and respect themselves, then the world would be very different! And everyone would contribute much more than we are at the moment, so she created The Happy World Company where she is organising workshops & seminars that involve different techniques such as Emotional Intelligence, Personal Development, Coaching and NLP.

Co-founder - 5YT

Jessica Dick

Jess manages a portfolio of investments of around 25 startups in the field of cleantech, social impact, healthtech, edtech, B2B and B2C software. She has worked directly with the startups as an advisor, board observer, and on a project basis – in investment readiness and fundraising, branding exercises, business planning and strategy. Jess also mentors entrepreneurs outside of her investment portfolio, with Google Launchpad, Entrepreneurial Spark, Bethnal Green Ventures, Hatch Enterprise and other similar organisations.

Founder / Director - Go Spire & OYA

Stacie Graham

Previously a consultant at an internationally renowned management consultancy, Dr Stacie CC Graham has worked independently as a management consultant and business coach for over five years. She has extensive work experience in the US, the UK, and Germany. With an MS in economics and a doctorate in motivational psychology, she is able to bring together economic and business sense with a deep knowledge of what drives people’s behaviour.

Co-founder - 5YT

Nathalie Tulip

Nat is an expert project management and operational support professional with a passion for high-growth, ambitious startups and over 10 years’ experience in finance, resourcing and supply chain for global technology companies such as Cisco Systems as well as innovative startups and social enterprises. Nat is also a mentor and business coach and loves supporting purpose driven founders.


Programme Manager

Karen Stenning

Karen has been working in the third sector since 2003, after a career with a large global advertising and marketing firm.  Since turning her focus from the corporate world to the world of not-for-profit, she has accomplished many different roles within the third sector, from fundraising, event management, volunteer management, communication   strategy   and   front-line   experience with young people with complex and multiple disadvantage.

In 2015, Karen started her own consultancy agency, Absolute Alchemy, which hosts events within existing communities, to enable dialogue and create a call to action on issues around human rights and inclusivity and diversity.  Karen is a Wellbeing Practitioner, a creative and relational practitioner, and this training has informed the way that she works on a daily basis both at Hatch and at Absolute Alchemy.

Karen joined Hatch in 2017, to manage the Female Founders Accelerator Programme and to host events such as the Beyond Good Business and Hatch’s Roundtable Discussions.  She is also Hatch Alumni, from the Launchpad programme.

Coach and Lead Facilitator

Sarah Weiler

Sarah believes that shared musical experiences can transform the way we work together. In the last 10 years she has worked as a teacher, musician, facilitator, coach, researcher, songwriter and comedian and has been fascinated by the power of music in bringing people together.

Sarah combined all of this to create ‘Power of Uke’ – team building days with a difference. Colleagues spend a day learning the ukulele, reflecting on their organisation and then writing and performing a team song. Workshops push colleagues out of their comfort zone, develop leadership and communication skills, allowing them to re-establish a team identity and provide a long-lasting change in their team dynamics.

Coach and Lead Facilitator

Helen Wright

Helen is a business mentor, coach, TEDx speaker and founder of the global education social enterprise, Global People Project. Prior to this, Helen worked for over a decade in advertising on LVMH, Estée Lauder and P&G global brands.  She has a Masters in Psychology and Philosophy from Edinburgh University and is a Neuroleadership Institute coach specialising in entrepreneurship and leadership. Helen currently runs the Female Founders Accelerator with Sarah and Karen.


Nikki Levitan

Nikki is a professional empowerment coach, wellbeing facilitator and a community builder. She is delighted to be part of hatch as a coach and workshop facilitator.

Her passion is brining the best out of people helping them to identify their strengths and gifts and build their lives and work from that empowered place.

She works through one to one coaching and wellbeing workshops with groups, empowering people through facilitating creative spaces for personal growth and self discovery.

Her passion is helping youth, individuals, organisations, and communities to take self leadership and bring about positive change. She works with people to identify and understand their driving values, and make powerful and conscious choices in their lives and places of work that are in alignment with their purpose.

Nikki is the founder of Community of Opportunity, a project committed to creative platforms for transformation and intentional community.

When Nikki is not working with adults she is facilitating wellbeing and positive psychology workshop with young people, with Young Happy Minds.

You can learn more about Nikki here:


Vegard Olsen

“My work with ambitious entrepreneurs revolves around gaining clarity and significantly raising confidence.  A central part of this work is reminding yourself of why you do what you do gaining clarity about your uniqueness.

Many ambitious entrepreneurs have had bad experiences early in their career. That is one of the reasons they started for themselves and they really want to make a big impact. In my work I help leaders and entrepreneurs lift their confidence and sharpen their focus so that they can achieve much more of what´s really important to them.

A central part of this work is shadow work, which means looking at how bad experiences early in your career hold the key to lifting your confidence and take your business to the next level.  This is powerful and transformational work which helps you grow your business while at the same time being true to yourself, your core beliefs and your most important values”.


Kuki Taylor

It is not easy confronting yourself.
It takes great courage to stop.  And even more to think deeply about you and what you can achieve and what may be curtailing your purpose.

I am here to help you take back control; transforming you from put upon Atlas to the self-determined Thinker: Mistress and Master of life. It is not miracle work, becoming the Thinker takes bravery, trust and time.  But the results of the non-directive discipline will last a life-time. My ethos is simple; if you take time to truly think for yourself, authentically using your own expertise, logic and intellect, you will make far better decisions for you, your business and the world.

Together we will:

  • Focus your targets
  • Align your values and skills with your work
  • Explore better communication skills for professional and personal relationships

It is your life and I will mentor and train you to actively reflect and rediscover the control you have professionally and personally.


Chloe Williams-Wynne

I believe that everyone deserves to live a full life – the goal isn’t to smooth out life’s wrinkles, rather to change the way that we relate to life’s inevitable challenges so that they don’t overwhelm us and keep us rooted to the spot.

Having had a varied career in different industries and roles, the common denominator has always been personal development and fulfilment. My most rewarding roles have been where transformation has occurred in others as a result of my work, and it is this passion and commitment that lead me to what feels like an inevitable role as a coach.

My innate curiosity in people, what motivates and inhibits them, and her desire to see them develop and flourish lies at the heart of why and how she coaches.  We all deserve to live life fully, to experience all that it has to bring, and I believe that coaching can help make this kind of personal development possible.    

In addition to being a committed coach, I love my dog (all dogs in fact!), spending time in the outdoors, mountains, foraging, cooking and as much travel as I can.

Female Founders


Medina Ashabi Ajikawo

GLOBAL7 was created by Medina Ashabi Ajikawo (Actress & Motivational Speaker), a vibrant dynamic agency representing talented versatile Actors from across the globe for Film, Television, Theatre, Commercials, Voice-Overs, Radio and Stills Photography.

We are rapidly growing, developing contacts within the industry, and are already generating a high level of interest among industry professionals from casting directors to talent seeking representation and promotion of their talents. In addition to representation we deliver groundbreaking Acting for Film & Television short evening courses in Soho, designed for adults who are passionate and have an interest in developing their screen acting skills. These short courses will inspire and motivate you and build your confidence in acting. Students learn how to develop a character, how to approach a script and screen techniques in a supportive and creative environment. Further screen acting training is encouraged at intermediate and advanced levels for those wanting to pursue an acting career.

GLOBAL7 is now providing a great showreel service that will take the actors career to the next level, think GLOBAL!

GLOBAL7, with the experience, competence, commitment and cultural understanding, coupled with a strong can-do approach, will not lack in energy in inspiring their clients to succeed in what is generally perceived as one of the most challenging industries to break into. We are in the business of making things happen.

We represent professionally trained and experienced actors from all quarters of the world and social backgrounds, and also provide opportunities for the development of aspiring actors with the drive, confidence and energy to succeed.

GLOBAL7 is committed to Inclusion and Equality Of Opportunity.

Make Do And Mend

Sarah Bennett

After 10 years of working in theatrical costume in London’s West End, Sarah combined her lifelong love of vintage fashion and practical sewing skills to set up Make Do and Mend: a beautiful treasure trove of unique vintage & retro fashion and accessories, handpicked and sourced from around the world by Sarah herself.

She now has a physical shop in Pop Brixton along with their own in-house reworked label – MDAM – creating more trend led pieces whilst ensuring nothing ever goes to waste!

Sarah joined the FFA to gain confidence growing her business in the way she wanted including how to manage a team and finding funding opportunities.

Air Peace of Mind

Emily Bruce-Watt

Emily is a qualified lawyer and mediator.  She has a degree in Social Anthropology which she studied because of her interest in people and their cultures.  She is a keen traveller, has visited over 38 countries and has a particular love of Africa. Through her travels she has had the opportunity to meet a great number of people and now enjoys hosting visitors to London! Air Peace of Mind represents the two aspects that she believes is important in the home sharing economy: hospitality and making guests feel at home. Air Peace of Mind was founded in early 2016 with the view to managing and hosting central London properties for both home owners and guests alike.

Big Mouth Gets

Maria Christophi

Big Mouth Gets is a London based social enterprise run by young graphic designers, who work to simplify political content to make it appeal to new audiences. Our aim is to increase political engagement by making democracy approachable, accessible and inclusive for everyone. We do this by producing graphics and data visualization to creatively showcase policy and better explain political output.

Position Dial

Mariam Cook

PositionDial is a free to use web application that helps you explore where you stand on issues you care about, see views from all sides and live your values. Position Dial’s goal is to support deeper democratic engagement, mutual understanding and stronger accountability. We build civic confidence and capacity in citizens, help people see the different sides of issues (bursting their filter bubbles) and frictionlessly collect, reveal and help people navigate data on meaningful (vote, campaign, buy) actions they can take in line with their positions: driving up trust and empowerment.
”What I liked that I haven’t got from other accelerators is more of a focus on designing your life and how business fits into your life. It made me feel I have more PERMISSION to be where I want to be and live the LIFE I WANT TO LIVE.’’

Bella Lash Brow

Debbie Cotti

Debbie moved to China in 2013 to teach English but ended up training in Eye Lash Extensions and quickly becoming well known as the new UK expert! Since returning to the UK she set up her own company in Clapham, catering for career-driven woman who understand the of looking and feeling amazing with treatments that are non-invasive, classy and natural looking.

Bella Lash Brow is heading towards becoming a Training Academy training ambitious women in specialists skills and also setting them up as successful entrepreneurs.  

Grenadine Escape

Lara Cowan

Lara’s started Grenadine Escape when on holiday at 19 years old, by building a website which enabled her to earn money as a villa and yacht rental agent and visit the Caribbean during her French studies at Bristol University. She is in her element in natural surroundings, by water and has a very creative, imaginative mind, which means she’s happiest when fulfilling creative roles (strategic thinking, property photography, content creation, writing, website design) and building partnerships. She is also commercially driven to create a career/life through which I can protect plants and people.


Lara joined to FFA to pivot the business to become an aspirational lifestyle brand, which is more connected to wellbeing and nature.


Georgie Duffin

LITTLE BUD is a flower company with a conscience. Through innovations in their supply chain, LITTLE BUD minimises their part in the huge environmental and social impact of the flower industry. Sourcing from British and Fair Trade growers, they supply flowers that are wild, seasonal, and fresh from the farm.

Georgie is an experienced strategy consultant, having worked across Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia delivering agricultural development programmes and research for organisations including DFID, USAID, and the UN. She set foot on her first commercial flower farm outside Nairobi in 2015, and the seed for LITTLE BUD was planted.

Georgie joined the FFA to gain help with digital marketing strategy, investment raising, and platform development.

Fieri Consort

Hannah Ely

Hannah read Music as an undergraduate at the University of Manchester before studying piano as a postgraduate at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Hannah is a founding member, soprano and manager of the Fieri Consort. She also sings with a range of ensembles including The Sixteen, Britten Sinfonia Voices, Siglo de Oro, Musica Secreta and Erebus Ensemble.
Although living in London and studying voice with Yvonne Kenny and Gary Coward, Hannah spends part of her time in Basel, Switzerland on the Advanced Vocal Ensemble Studies with Anthony Rooley and Evelyn Tubb. Hannah specialises in 16th-18th century solo and consort singing and made her opera debut at the Brighton Early Music Festival in 2015 as Sirena in ‘La Liberazione di Ruggiero’ by Francesca Caccini, which was broadcast on BBC Radio 3.
Performing without a conductor, Fieri presents innovative and engaging programmes, and specialises in the rich and varied tradition of 16th and 17th-century Italian repertoire. Performing a cappella, accompanied by early instruments, with guests and even, memorably, with members of their audiences, Fieri’s interpretations are always ingenious and informed by the collective experience and knowledge of the group. In 2014, The Brighton Early Music Festival selected the Fieri Consort to participate in their prestigious Young Artist’s Programme, BREMF Live!, and in the same year, the group embarked on its first international tour to Australia, where they will be returning in 2017. Fieri has featured on BBC Radio 3 several times, performing in their lunchtime concert series and live on ‘In Tune’ and ‘The Choir’. Fieri were delighted to be awarded the Cambridge Prize at the prestigious York Early Music Festival in 2017.
Hypnobirthing Works

Rosie Goode

Rosie Goode is a clinical hypnotherapist, hypnobirthing expert, founder of Hypnobirthing Works, and teacher/trainer.  With over 13 years in clinical practice, creating and delivering group and private courses throughout London, she has helped countless clients (over 2500 couples) achieve their dream of a positive birth.

Rosie is hoping to become the Headspace of Hypnobirthing and is looking at ways to put her expertise on line.
‘’I leave every session highly motivated, with new ideas and new ways of looking at my business.  I’m very much enjoying the 1 to 1 business coaching, the female entrepreneurs sharing their journeys,  and the inspiring women in the group – and we’re having fun!’’


Elle Hosie

Elle trained as lawyer at a leading tech law firm in the City, and specialised in advising tech and media companies of all sizes (Snapchat, Apple & Amazon to name a few) during which she developed a passion for advising companies in their early stages as she felt she could really add value to their businesses.

Elle founded Elletrepreneur in 2015 to simplify legal services for startups, providing affordable contracts and a solid legal structure for early-stage businesses. Elletrepreneur uses technology to streamline what goes on behind the scenes in providing legal services, without compromising on valued personal service. The end result: startups have bespoke legal documents tailored to their businesses at a fraction of the price. 

Elle joined the FFA to gain help with developing tech, investment and marketing strategy.

Blake House

Ieva Padagaite

Ieva Padagaite is a filmmaker at Blake House Filmmakers Coop making video for charities, social enterprises, academics and artists. Ieva is a storyteller dedicated to collaboration and the building of social, economic and environmental alternatives. She has written and directed a couple of award winning short films and is an active advocate and contributor in the cooperative movement. Her aspirations are to grow Blake House as a meaningful, dignified and democratic workplace for creatives and eventually make a move into fiction film and TV directing.

Ieva joined the FFA to grow the creative side of herself and the business and learn how to navigate the creative industry world.

A blog post if relevant: From bullshit jobs to solidarity
Ieva made the promo video for the FFA – check it out here.

Carousel & Co.

Rachel Peterman

Carousel & Co. provides strategic consulting, programmes, and workshops to help independent retailers and brands increase their profits, while decreasing their stress.

Agency founder, Rachel Peterman, has spent the last 10 years of her career in the luxury goods industry, holding key buying, planning, and sales roles within Gucci, Bloomingdales, Michael Kors, and Coach. She uses this experience to help small-to-medium sized enterprises compete in an ever-expanding global market.

Carnaval del Pueblo Association

Nuala Riddell-Morales

Nuala has spent the past 18 years running Carnaval del Pueblo delivering large scale events which reveal and share with Londoners the authentic 19 country Latin American cultural heritage of music, dance and food in London. She is dedicated to giving Latin Americans in London a voice in the community and continuing to build integration between different groups in Elephant and Castle.
She is currently securing funding to be able to employ a team of people to deliver the various connected projects in the organisation, so she can free herself up to take the organisation in a new direction –   bringing in key players to develop its commercial potential.

Canvas Café

Ruth Rogers

Ruth Rogers is the founder and Creative Director of The Canvas Café, a social enterprise café and creative venue that launched as London’s first Happy Café in 2015 and supports creative and social innovation in emotional health and well being.  Ruth is also the founder and trustee of Body Gossip, a positive body image charity that has produced sell out theatre shows in London and Edinburgh, has collaborated with the Southbank Centre on the world’s first Body Love Flashmob, and has reached over 20,000 young people all over the UK with a unique programme of body confidence education programmes.  Ruth was previously an actress, most notably puppeteering Joey’s Head in War Horse in the West End, and co-presenting CBeebies Radio for the BBC. 
One of the reasons Ruth joined the FFA was to reshape her role within the business, so it allows her to spend more energy on the things she loves doing.

In partnership with


J.P.Morgan Chase Foundation works with community partners to create pathways to opportunity by supporting workforce development, financial capability, small business development and community development in the regions where they do business. The Female Founders Programme is kindly supported by the J.P.Morgan Chase foundation.

Supporting partners



Blooms London is London’s first female-focused business club, offering long awaited fair advantages to female founders.



With 1,100 lawyers, Weil has been a leader in investing in initiatives to cultivate an inclusive culture where all feel encouraged to excel.



ClearlySo supports the capital raising activity of high-impact businesses through financial advisory work, & introduce them to investors.



Ogunte offers development opportunities through coaching, system design & prototyping experiences for women social entrepreneurs.

Our supporters

Founder & CEO - Spark Inside

Baillie Aaron

Baillie is the founder and CEO of Spark Inside, a London-based charity pioneering the use of professional coaching in prisons to promote rehabilitation and desistance from crime. Previously, Baillie founded the US non-profit Venturing Out, providing entrepreneurship education to people in prison. Baillie holds a BA from Harvard College and MPhil from the University of Cambridge. She is a UK Ministry of Justice Policy Fellow ‘At Large’, 2017 Global Good Fellow, TEDx speaker, and member of the World Economic Forum community of Global Shapers.

Senior Public Policy Manager, European and International - Aviva plc

Marte Borhaug

Marte Borhaug leads Aviva’s digital public policy work across Aviva’s markets, working with Aviva’s newly established digital business and its digital technology venture capital fund. She also leads Aviva’s sustainable investment campaign at EU-level. Marte has several years of experience from public affairs, working closely with EU institutions in Brussels, including as the Head of Financial Services and Corporate Governance at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). Marte is currently Vice-Chair of the Finance Task Force at the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) to the OECD and a committee member of the CBI ‘35 Under 35 Committee’. Passionate about entrepreneurship, Marte is a mentor for start-ups at Bethnal Green Ventures and for scale-ups taking part in the ‘Future at Work’ PWC’s newly launched Future of Work programme, in collaboration with SwiftScale. She is also a Board Member for Mac Millan’s Guards Chapel Christmas Carol Concert.

Head of Origination, Early Growth Ventures - ClearlySo

Jessica Duveen

Jessica is the Head of Origination, Early Growth Ventures at ClearlySO, an impact investment bank that works exclusively with Impact businesses, charities and funds to help them raise investment from its network of high-net-worth individual and institutional investors. Originally founded in 2008, ClearlySo has helped more than 100 clients raise more than £108 million in impact investment.

Jessica is passionate to help creative entrepreneurs develop their ideas into a sustainable business and thrives helping people plan their overall strategy, “I advise on how to identify, develop and implement key performance indicators to evidence impact.” It sounds technical but its helping organisations figure out how to make a difference and being able to measure it and then improve on it.

Cross bench peer - House of Lords

Martha Lane Fox CBE

Martha Lane Fox, Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, CBE is a British businesswoman, philanthropist, and public servant. Martha co-founded in the early 2000s and is a board member of Twitter,, Marks & Spencer, and chairs the board of the digital skills charity, Go ON UK. She joined the House of Lords as a crossbencher on 26 March 2013, becoming its youngest female member.

Founder & CEO - Blooming Founders

Lu Li

Lu Li is the founder of Blooming Founders, a company that provides education and introduces new opportunities to female founders through events, content and a professional network. She is the UK ambassador of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a judge at the MassChallenge accelerator, a mentor at the Google Launchpad accelerator and part of the Techstars community leadership team. She has also published the book Dear Female Founder, now globally available on Amazon and Kindle.

In her previous corporate career, Lu has launched FMCG products for Procter & Gamble across Western Europe and has worked on several consulting projects for McKinsey, BMW and T-Mobile.

Chairman - Vistage Group

Fiona Lloyd-Williams

Senior business executive in private-equity and large corporations in Insurance & Financial Services sectors. Fiona’s deep rooted strategic business development background, coupled with product & marketing experience, manifests itself in a passion for delivering customer & client value. She has led many cross functional and global teams in a B2B, B2B2C and B2C, delivering sustainable business improvement. Fiona has worked in Russia, Amsterdam, Norway, France, & twice the US.

She helps Chief Executives and Managing Directors to accelerate their growth rates and transform their businesses. With Vistage UK, she chairs a confidential, private advisory group whose members are CEOs and MDs of businesses ranging between £2m to £50m turnover.

Founder CEO - Mahon Group

Saija Mahon

Saija is a passionate Digital Marketing entrepreneur, speaker, mentor and author. She is determined to empower and drive female led companies and organisations forward by sharing knowledge and experiences. Founder, CEO of international media agency Mahon Digital Marketing, Lonely Robot Web Design and a Scandinavian based business events company The Caviar Club. For her work she has been awarded:

Agency of the Year in Scandinavia 2013

TOP 20 Women in Search selected by Google and DRUM 2015

Best Business Woman Awards – Finalist in Technology & also Business services category 2015

Everywoman Technology Awards – Finalist in the Entrepreneur category 2016

Head of Merchant and VAS - Samsung Pay UK

Adriana Marques

Adriana is a business Development executive who has held multiple leadership roles in prominent financial services organizations, building commercial strategy, developing partnerships and fostering client relationships over the last twenty years. MBA with specialization in Finance and Strategy from the London Business School. Since 2013, she has also been a business mentor and an angel investor in a number of start up companies in Brazil, building a portfolio of social impact investments in Healthcare Services, Internet and Financial Technology.

Founder & Chief-Doer - DrivenWoman

Miisa Mink

Miisa Mink is a founder and chief doer at DrivenWoman – a Lifeworking network for women with ideas and ambition who want to achieve their goals. She’s a creator of ‘Festival Of Doers’, a one day event that celebrates women ‘doers’ which takes place in London every January.

Prior to entering the women’s empowerment space Miisa was known as a highly accomplished branding professional and has successfully launched and grown start-ups in the branding and design sector, including Nordic Bakery, a beautiful Scandinavian style coffee shop chain in Central London, and international design agency TBWA/TANGO which she built into four agency network in Europe

Director - Deep & Meaningful

Deepa Mirchandani

Deepa founded Deep & Meaningful, a consultancy that provides strategy and communications services. She works at the intersection between the private, NGO and social enterprise worlds. Her experience includes political lobbying on human rights and international development, advising multinationals and conglomerates on sustainability and CSR strategy and communications and working with social entrepreneurs to provide business critical advice on strategy, communications and impact measurement, Deepa has worked across sectors and geographies.

Deepa has spent time working in India, helping to set up a social investment fund and mentoring social ventures that focus on sustainable livelihoods, education and social transformation. She continues to provide counsel to social entrepreneurs in India.

CEO - Ogunte CIC

Servane Mouazan

What if 1 million women social enterprise leaders connected to learn, lead and change the course of the world, by 2020?

Servane believes in future-centric good businesses, and in the power of conscious innovation, courageous conversations, and action!

In 2001, She founded Ogunte, the social business development company, and later Make a Wave, the first incubator for women social entrepreneurs, with a team of outstanding mentors, investors and coaches. They have supported over 5200 social innovators, managers, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders and their networks through business coaching, impact investment training, leadership development, awards and challenge prizes.

She is a founding partner at Conscious Innovation with peers in Rio, London, Berlin. They provide prototyping experiences that help individuals and organisations explore and implement future scenarios, to change people’s world.

Since Feb 2015, Servane also ran the Womanity Awards Programme, an initiative that invests in an ecosystem preventing violence against women through replication of innovative models and ideas.

Head of the UK, External Payments - Amazon

Karen Pepper

Head of the UK for Amazon External Payments and founder of Cupcake Mum, a members’ club for Mums in South West London. This led to her being named by Growing Business Magazine as one of the Top 35 Entrepreneurs in the UK–she managed to raise £3m in investment for the concept! She’s worked at JP Morgan, American Express and Northwest Airlines and she holds an MBA from London Business School and a BA from the George Washington University.

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So far Hatch Enterprise have helped over 400 entrepreneurs. Started in 2013 to address the need for localised business support, Hatch delivers dedicated enterprise support programmes in South London aimed at helping to develop, grow and sustain local businesses. To date, over 82% of people taking part in their flagship Hatch Incubator programme are still running their business, reporting overall revenue growth of 50% year on year.