BAME female founders incubator

A 5-month programme to help BAME female-led businesses build the foundation of their businesses and strategise for growth.


We help underrepresented female founders get the skills, tools and resources they need to grow their businesses

This programme has been generously funded by:

A Massive Thank you to:
Academy London for hosting our BAME Female Founder Incubator programme, to Google for Startups for providing the food and YSYS our project partner.


“I wish to thank The Female Founders Programme for creating a space for learning, empowerment, reflection and creativity, to take GLOBAL7 to amazing successful levels. The support from the team and mentorship programme by J.P. Morgan has been amazing. I feel confident and inspired about my business.”

Medina Ashabi Ajikawo – Founder, Global 7

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Outcome of the programme

During the incubator you will

Build up your pitching skills:

Most of us have a fear of public speaking and holds us back as founders. We’ll work with you to build up your confidence and get you pitching your business to potential partners and investors.

Get clarity on your business growth strategies:

By the end of the programme you’ll have mapped out how to grow every aspect of your business from your customer base to your operations.

Create a step by step growth plan:

It takes more than a vision to grow, you need to plan effectively and make the right moves. We’ll help you determine what those moves should be for your business.

Learn how to financially plan for scale:

The cost structure that worked when you had 10 customers won’t work the same when you have 1000. We’ll help you make the most out of your finances and plan for the future.

sukhi jutla

“The Hatch Female Founders Accelerator was the boost and support I needed to grow my business. It gave me the courage and confidence to take my business to unprecedented new levels.”

Sukhi Jutla – Co-founder & COO, MarketOrders
Sukhi graduated from FFA in July 2018. She is the winner of 3 awards this year.

Selection Criteria (Who should apply)

This is the programme for you if:

  • You’re from a BAME background
  • You already have a few customers and you’re ready to get more
  • You’re full-time, or almost full-time on your business
  • You use tech to boost the potential of your business
  • You’ve been running your business for less than 2 years
  • You want to connect with other ambitious women

If you suit the criteria, please apply by completing the application form below:

All places have now been filled, but if you want to be notified about similar programs in the future, please register below.

Venue:  Academy London

The programme’s value is over £5000. Thanks to our partners, we are able to offer this programme to BAME female founders for £150.

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Not a BAME female founder?

Explore our other programmes here.

Curriculum Roadmap

Our programme doesn’t just take place in a classroom, during the week you’ll be in contact with our team as we share content for you to read and learn from.

Session 1: Your Brand, Your Values

  1. Develop a mission statement for the business that reflects what your company does well
  2. Amplify your business by creating a compelling brand story
  3. Understand the values of your business and identify its unique selling point
  4. Create a plan to implement your unique selling point in customer facing areas of your business

Session 2: Customer Development

  1. Understand the premise of customer persona development
  2. Identify your different customers segments and their attributes
  3. Map customer relationships and how those relationships reflect your company values (positively or negatively)
  4. Develop and strategise the implementation of a customer relations policy
  5. Create a needs breakdown of your customers segments

Reading week

This is a private study week to give you some time to internalise all the information you received in weeks 1 and 2.

During this week, you will receive compulsory reading as well as access resources tailored to your stage of business as specified by you specifically.

Based on the information you share with us during the application process, as well as the information you share with our facilitator or in your post-session feedback questionnaires, we will create folders of content that will help you grow your businesses.

Session 3: Financial Strategy

  1. Identify key methods to expand your revenue opportunities
  2. Develop a customer benefit analysis that relates directly to pricing products
  3. Develop a pricing strategy for your business
  4. Understand different business growth strategies based on price and efficiency
  5. Develop a cost strategy and breakdown for your business that will help you grow to 50K turnover

Session 4: Business Strategy Development

  1. Determine what you need to do to build up the value proposition of your business
  2. Develop a business growth strategy based on customer experience and social impact
  3. Learn how to collect and utilise customer feedback effectively
  4. Develop a strategy to acquire key resources and apply them effectively to your business goals
  5. Create a resource map, that includes partners, experts, mentors and influencers, that will help you solve particular problems you’re experiencing in your business

Reading week

This is a private study week to give you some time to internalise all the information you received in weeks 3 and 4.

During this week, you will receive access resources tailored to your stage of business and to you specifically.

Based on the information you share with us during the application process, as well as the information you share with our facilitator or in your post-session feedback questionnaires, we will create personalised folders of content that will help you grow your businesses.

Session 5: Public Relations and Partnerships

  1. Understand the key difference between direct and indirect competitors
  2. Learn how to identify potential partners
  3. Develop stakeholder proposals (for the press, and potential partners)
  4. Identify people, places (online and offline), and things you can use to boost brand reputation and awareness
  5. Understand how to use influencers to grow your customer base
  6. Develop a proposal for a low hanging fruit partner, that could be highly influential for the growth of your business

Demo Day

Demo your business in-front of potential partners

These will be confirmed in the second week of October.

Key Events

Launch event (5th Oct): We partnered with YSYS to host an event that celebrates BAME female founders that are making it their mission to make London a startup friendly place for underrepresented females, watch the video below.

Info webinar (8th Oct): Watch as our programme manager talks you through the application process, the programme and answers questions you may have.


Bam Bam Boogie Dance Fitness


Our Tech Professional/ Certified Personal Trainer Founder Bami Kuteyi moved to Dublin in September 2015 from London/ Toronto. A young bubbly professional passionate about fun, fitness and female empowerment but with no real options for her to express all of these passions in one place she took it on herself to create a program that is not only fun but effective. Celebrating diversity and encouraging participants to support each other all the while.

Zimbayoga Ltd


Empowering you to find your inner strength both mentally and physically through the practice of Yoga.

For Working Ladies


For Working Ladies is a digital media platform producing practical, actionable content that’s easily digestible with focus on career, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle to help women create a more stylish, successful, brighter life. We voice the stories of diverse, smart, and successful women to share with a growing readership of aspiring career and business women.
January 2018 marked our second year in existence as a brand, and also the month in which we launched our events to further educate, support, and equip women as they build successful, stylish and brighter lives.

Barbell Brunch Club


Sometimes with fitness events, you end up going alone and the experience is not the same! Founder Eni, especially found this the case as she loves keeping fit and sometimes had to go alone because none of her friends were able to come. Naturally loving to go out to brunch, she thought to create an experience where ladies of London would be able to meet other ladies and socialise through fitness and food! Hence, the birth of Barbell Brunch Club.

Barbell Brunch Club is an all female fitness collective, celebrating women of all backgrounds and fitness levels!

Cocktails & Conversation


London’s premier events and matchmaking club where you can meet hand selected professionals in some of the capital’s most prestigious venues. We offer access into some of the most exclusive member’s clubs for mixers with London’s elite, as well as a premium matchmaking service where we make personal introductions from our extensive network of successful and attractive singles.

Hep Audrey Ltd.


An online jewellery brand. The Hep Audrey product range is eclectic, versatile and suited for all days. What’s more, you can even mix and match individual pieces across the collections to complete your look. My vision is to support you as a trusted friend through all the key life events.



BeLifted promotes a Mind & Body workout with powerful Gospel music. Come as you are, but don’t stay as you are!

Solocal Travel


There’s nothing quite like your first taste of freedom travelling alone. It’s more than the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and the unlimited choices in front of you, it’s the knowledge that the world is your oyster and no one is going to hold you back. It’s more than just a journey to new and unexplored destinations, it’s also a voyage within, discovering who we really are as women.

Just pack your bags and go solo!

On-Screen JM London


ON-SCREEN helps film productions off-set their costs by providing them with complimentary and discounted products for their cast and crew:
For brands ON-SCREEN provides the opportunity to be seen by producers and production professionals looking for products to place in the actor’s trailers as well as on-screen in their next project. The production saves costs by not having to buy or hire the products and the brand gets free product placement.



The skincare products that women as young as 13 use were created in the 1970’s. Emotional well being is ignored altogether; technology/data are relatively unexploited. Despite 3/4 of younger consumers saying they want alternatives- their needs are not being met.

With Plenaire we are building beautiful and sustainable products for the next generation of skincare users that believe that beauty is a two way conversation. Plenaire will disrupt a multi- billion euro industry using data, content and artificial intelligence to develop more personalised, immediate solutions while ensuring that our footprint meets the the sustainable, social impact and clean ingredient requirements that younger consumers see as essential.

Skin Mama Ltd.


Organic, Natural and Vegan Skincare line that loves your face! Africa’s age-old, best kept secret is out!



A global one-stop marketplace shop for the latest natural, cruelty-free and indie beauty.

Serious Datum


Making virtual reality experiences that change people’s behaviour. Using VR as a tool to address subtle forms of behaviour and biases which can effect productivity and the way another person feels. Main topics of interest are implicit biases, cross-cultural understanding and innovation. I have a background in biomedical science and documentary film and enjoy inter-disciplinary collaboration as a way to solve problems. I produce experiences and consult via my company Serious Datum Ltd.

Yana Binaev


Raising awareness towards equality and diversity through creative direction and photography.

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